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Sports have the power to influence and inspire people of all ages. Let’s end the use of Native mascots in sports and build the world we want to see, together.

Many people and organizations are starting to grapple with the ways in which their policies, behaviors, and perhaps they themselves, have condoned and perpetuated discriminatory and racist behavior. As long as Native mascots continue to be allowed in Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, the National Football League, and K-12 schools, any actions taken to end systemic racism will fall short. Racism is racism.


Let the National Football League, the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball teams know that you stand with Native communities using #TheTimeIsNow.

Tell the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs Team Sponsors to


The recent decision of the Kansas City Chiefs to no longer allow fans to wear “headdresses and face paint styled in a way that references or appropriates American Indian cultures” in an attempt to distance themselves from blatant racism while keeping established brand identity, indicates that management understands the negative social impact of their brand; and national sports franchises, such as Kansas City, Missouri’s National Football League organization, the Chiefs, should not be a vehicle of institutionalized racism.”

The harmful stereotypes associated with the Kansas City team’s use of race-based mascots permeate every facet of society in and around Kansas City. Dehumanizing propaganda leads to lowered self-esteem and self-worth, and potentially leading to increased violence against American Indian youth. Research shows harmful psychological effects are directly connected to Native sports mascots.

Join us in calling on the Kansas City Chiefs to cease their use of racialized Native American branding by eliminating all imagery of or evocative of Native American culture, traditions, and spirituality from their team franchise by changing their name including the logo. The NFL and the Super Bowl Planning Committee must also ban racist fan behavior like redface, wearing of headdresses, and the tomahawk chop during this year’s Super Bowl.


If sports leagues want to offer more than empty words in service of their profits, if they really want to live by the values they claim to have, they must ban Native mascots, team names, insensitive gestures and the subsequent racist behavior of fans. We’re calling on athletes, politicians, like-minded organizations, and fans to stand together to proclaim that racism is racism and it will not be tolerated.

Changing the names and branding of racist sports teams is not only the right thing to do, but based on peer reviewed research we also know it’s what our community wants.


Racist mascots increase negative stereotyping of Native people, and creates the false perception of Native people as aggressive.

Native mascots and the fan behavior associated with the use of Native mascots impacts Native youth by:
— Lowering self-esteem
— Increasing rates depression
— Increasing rates of self-harm and substance abuse
— Increasing discrimination in schools against Native students


What you’ve read about Native peoples supporting Native mascots is a lie. These flawed opinion polls have been used to silence Native peoples and have been a barrier to efforts to change the name of these teams and the use of Native mascots.

However, two recently published peer-reviewed scientific studies confirm what Native advocates have argued for years. Native peoples are overwhelmingly offended, not just by team names that are racial slurs, but also by Native mascots and the racist fan behavior used in support and against these teams. Read the studies below.


The Time Is Now. Change the Name.
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