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Fight for recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day in your city!

In the last two years, the Movement for Black Lives has inspired people to protest and reject racist symbols and institutions. This has led to several positive changes for Native people, including the renaming of the Washington NFL team, exposure of medical racism in Indian Country, and removal of racist monuments. However, Columbus Day remains a widely celebrated holiday in the U.S. that glorifies a false narrative of America’s founding and erases the genocide of Native peoples. Learn how to advocate for the celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day during the time of Covid-19 in our Indigenous Peoples’ Day Toolkit.

Download our Activist’s Guide for Supporting Indigenous Peoples’ Day Toolkit here, improved and updated to meet the needs of advocates during COVID-19.

In partnership with Amplifier and Nia Tero, we are proud to share our Indigenous People’s Day Lesson Plan. Designed for both in-classroom as well as remote learners, this project-based lesson plan is written by Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board Member Maribel Gonzalez and asks: What is the impact on human lives and property, biodiversity, and air and water quality when we honor and restore land stewardship to Indigenous peoples? Download the lesson plan HERE.

Want to be an ally but don’t know where to start? Read and utilize the resources below.

You’re Welcome America


“You’re Welcome, America!” is a digital series that features quick, punchy, and unpolished lessons about Black folks and Natives.

Hosted by Kiowa-Apache badass stand-up comedian Adrianne Chalepah and comedic powerhouse Joyelle Nicole Johnson, “You’re Welcome, America!” clarifies some of the gravest misunderstandings about Native and Black people in America today, highlights mutual community struggles, and has a joyful-ass time.

Despite the hate, ignorance and general state of the world, we love ourselves and it’s good to be alive! Want to dig into cultural appropriation, health care, intergenerational trauma, and religious hypocrisy — but in a fun kinda way? Check, check, and check.

“You’re Welcome, America!” is co-produced by IllumiNative and The Center for Media and Social Impact at American University‘s Comedy ThinkTanks.

Writers: Adrianne Chalepah, Joyelle Nicole Johnson, Jackie Keliiaa, Deanna MAD, Johnny McNulty, Kenice Mobley, Bethany Hall

Cast: Adrianne Chalepah, Joyelle Nicole Johnson

Director: Brooke Swaney

Producers: Crystal Echo Hawk, Bethany Hall, Caty Borum Chattoo, Kenice Mobley, Geri Cole, Varsha Ramani, McNulty Foundation, IllumiNative, Center for Media & Social Impact