native american history is american history

In response to the most recent act of erasure by the Trump Administration to name November as “National American History and Founders Month”, @Illuminative and @ndncollective are launching a month long campaign to lift up #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth and to resist this effort by #45 to diminish this celebration that honors Native Peoples in the past, present and future.

Native American History is American History and Native Peoples are an essential part of the historical and cultural fabric that makes up this nation. Native and Indigenous communities are leading the climate justice movement and are protecting land, water, and air for all people, native and non-native. As such, it is imperative that we build a future and country that is grounded in truth, solidarity, justice and equity.

Join us in sending a firm message that we can not be erased!

On November 7, 2019, NDN Collective in collaboration with IllumiNative wrote an Op-Ed published in Indian Country Today titled: Trump’s effort to rebrand Native American Heritage Month does not and will not deter Indigenous movements”.


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Samantha Bee |
Full Frontal on TBS

It’s Native American Heritage Month so we’re attempting to address one of the many wrongs perpetrated against Native Americans. Not it’s not “Dances With Wolves,” or the mascots for the Cleveland Indians, or the Atlanta Braves, or the Washington Redskins. It’s Columbus. Mike Rubens talks to Deb Haaland (the first Native American woman to serve in Congress) about why Columbus Day should be Indigenous Peoples Day. This piece was produced by Todd Bieber with Adam Howard, edited by Andrew Mendelson and graphics by Daniel Levine. Mike Rubens reports.

Change the Story. Change the Future.

Download IllumiNatives Toolkit

You are critical to our movement. Accurate information, authentic representation, and narrative disruption are essential to ending racism, bias, and discrimination against Native peoples. We need Indian Country and allies to work together and advocate for change. Below you will find tools that will enable you to join the army of change agents working to amplify the New Native Narrative in the media, pop culture, k-12 education, and other critical sections. Fight invisibility and erasure – spread the word!

IllumiNative’s Change the Story Infographics

Download and use our easy to share infographics. Circulate them on social media, integrate them into presentations, print them for meetings. Spread the word. Fight Invisibility!

Insights and Action Guide

Our Insights and Action Guide provide distilled takeaways from the breakthrough research. Here you learn what narrative change is and how to deploy it with your messages. Breakthrough research is made accessible in this simple guide. Implement our user-friendly action tips to make a change in your community, organization, or company. Stand with Native peoples – amplify a new story and change the future!

IllumiNative Guide for Entertainment Professionals

In a time when the entertainment industry is actively working towards diversity and authentic representation. Accurate portrayals of Native Americans is critical to that commitment. This guide provides a roadmap for entertainment professionals to shift and shape culture. Take a stand for accurate representation!

Model PowerPoint Presentation of Research Findings

Model PowerPoint Presentation of Research Findings

Download this model presentation that covers all the significant findings from the Reclaiming Native Truth research. Conduct presentations and share with your colleagues, community, schools, institutions and allies to educate about how invisibility and toxic stereotypes are perpetuated by K-12 education, media and pop culture that fuel bias and racism against Native Americans and why we need to work together to change the narrative.

IllumiNative Video: Change the Story, Change the Future

IllumiNative is translating research into action to change the story and change the future for Native peoples. Hear from IllumiNative founders and Indian Country leaders, artists and influencers about why the time is now to take action and build a movement of many movements.


Klepper Viewer Guide

Klepper is a docuseries on Comedy Central by host and comedian Jordan Klepper. The episode “Invisible Nation” was inspired by our team’s research findings on the impact of invisibility on Native peoples. Jordan meets a variety of Native leaders including Congresswoman Deb Haaland, IllumiNative’s Crystal Echo Hawk and artist Cannupa Luger who help him see how critical it is to fight invisibility and challenge toxic stereotypes about Native peoples. This written guide is for viewers who want to learn more about the issues central to this episode, specifically invisibility, toxic stereotypes, privilege, and being a good ally.


IllumiNative is building a movement of movements to leverage the power of Native organizations, tribes, youth, grassroots leaders and non-Native allies to change the national narrative about Native people. By adopting, adapting, and disseminating the new shared narrative about Native people we are combating invisibility. Invisibility is one of the largest threats to Native communities and creates a void the is filled with toxic stereotypes and misconceptions. Authentic, contemporary stories about Native Americans are critical to creating a new narrative and smashing the stereotypes that have contributed to the invisibility and stigmatization of our people. Indian Country and our non-Native allies can work together to create a world where Native communities thrive.

The insights that were unearthed in the Reclaiming Native Truth project (RNT) research project co-led by CEO Crystal Echo Hawk illuminated a path for narrative change. IllumiNative was established to translate that formative research into action and advance the next phase of the work with Indian Country and allies. With tools and resources, we can change the story about Native peoples in media, pop-culture, k-12 education, policy, and philanthropy.

Change the Story. Change the Future.