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The Future Is Indigenous

The stories we see being told onscreen in movie theaters and homes across the country are powerful and have shaped perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors towards Native peoples. We must find opportunities to support Indigenous storytellers telling Indigenous stories and increase opportunities to include Indigenous and Native creatives in all aspects of the industry.

THE TIME IS NOW: The Power of Native Representation in Entertainment

A Guide for Industry Professionals

This guide can serve as a resource for writers, producers, directors, creators, and others in the entertainment industry who seek to develop accurate stories and characters by and about Native people in television, film, and other forms of media. This guide incorporates the learnings and insights of nearly two dozen Native creatives who participated in in-depth interviews to discuss the opportunities, barriers, and experiences of working within the entertainment industry.

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Land Acknowledgement Guide

Be A Mythbuster

According to RNT, 78% of Americans reported wanting to learn more about Native peoples, their histories, cultures, and contemporary stories.

In the same report, 78% of Americans reported believing it is important to feature more stories about Native peoples on television, movies, and other forms of entertainment.

Native Representation Today

The 2020 Hollywood Diversity Report found:

Native representation in film: between 0.3%- 0.5% in film.

Native representation In television: between 0 and 0.6%.

The 2021 Hollywood Diversity Report showed Native representation in film stagnant at 0.6%.

Native women are less likely to be represented on screen and in positions like writers, directors, and producers.

Support Native Stories

Over the course of the last year, audiences around the world have begun to see a glimpse of the talent and power of Native creatives.

With the release of critically acclaimed Native-authored and centered shows, “Rutherford Falls” and “Reservation Dogs,” and complex and powerful films like “Wild Indian” and “Night Raiders” we’re witnessing a revolutionary shift in representation that moves us beyond the outdated, inaccurate, and often offensive depictions of Native peoples in pop culture – to more compelling, contemporary, and accurate portrayals of our lives today.

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