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We are all connected, what we do as individuals impacts our family, our friends, our community and the world. Native peoples have stood together against pipelines at Standing Rock, in courtrooms for tribal sovereignty, and in the streets to protect our land and water. This fight against COVID-19 is no different, it is for our future.

By standing together, taking care of each other, by advocating, and by donating when possible, we can win.

We are in a fight for our lives. IllumiNative is mobilizing Native peoples, artists, and our allies to #WarriorUp in the fight against Covid-19. Now is the time to fight for the visibility of Native peoples, care for our communities, and ensure Native peoples are seen, heard and included in solutions and conversations about this public health emergency.

IllumiNative is partnering with Native artists, influencers, and YOU to spread the word and invite others to #WarriorUp against Covid-19.



IllumiNative has partnered with prominent Native artists like Steven Paul Judd and Jeremy Fields to create shareable artwork to encourage Native youth and communities to #WarriorUp. Download our images and share.


When we need a laugh, we turn to the 1491s – an acclaimed Native comedy group that has performed to sold out shows, on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and premiered their first theatre feature Between Two Knees at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2019. In partnership with IllumiNative, the 1491s are back at it with Low Rez News “not the news that you deserve, but the news you’re going to get.” Percy Thomas (Ryan Redcorn) provides laughs and information and Sterlin Harjo, Dallas Goldtooth, Bobby Dues, and Migizi Pensoneau provide updates on the “coronervirus” from their home. View all four episodes below.


In light of the disruption of education due to COVID-10, IllumiNative is partnering with the National Indian Education Association and Amplifier to create and disseminate engaging digital education tools, lesson plans, and resources about Native American art, culture, history and contemporary life for more than 1 million students and families learning at-home. Resources are available for free and downloadable below. To view lesson plans for students PK-8, please click here.


IllumiNative’s COVID-19 emergency efforts are focused on leveraging communications and culture shifters to help amplify the authentic representation and impact of the pandemic on Native communities through mainstream media. To optimize our messaging and raise public awareness in a transmedia world, we will provide media training for Native leaders, launch a COVID-19 podcast, and engage in key partnerships with Native artists/influencers and celebrities to produce content, including Covid-19 PSAs. IllumiNative will partner with the National Indian Education Association and Amplifier to create and disseminate digital education tools, lesson plans, and resources for more than 1 million students and families within the next four weeks.


Native nonprofits and community leaders across the country are organizing important emergency relief efforts to try and provide support and assistance to Native families, Elders, students, artists and businesses impact by the COVID-19 epidemic. Learn about opportunities to support below.

Adopt-A-Native-Elder Adopt-A-Native-Elder is designed to build a bridge between individuals and cultures through opportunities to “adopt” Native American Elders and help provide some of their basic needs.

AISES Together Towards Tomorrow T3 Fund The T3 Fund will allow AISES to provide Native American/Indigenous undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic a one-time scholarship of $500.

American Indian College Fund Tribal College Student Relief will help support tribal college students impacted with support for rent, food, childcare and other needs.

American Indian Graduate Center The Student Emergency fund is committed to assisting students who are displaced, stranded abroad, or homeless due to COVID-19 school closings.

Bluff Area Mutual Aid Bluff Area Mutual Aid and Rural Utah Project Education Fund are jointly sponsoring this fundraiser to support individuals and families in the greater Bluff area by supplying food, water, firewood, diapers, toilet paper, and hygiene products, as well as assistance with applying for unemployment benefits.

First Peoples Fund The First People Fund has established a Resilience Fund to provide emergency relief to grassroots artists and culture bearers impacted by COVID-19 so that they can cover urgent personal needs: food, housing, caretaking, and/or healthcare expenses.

Flicker Fund, organized by the Seventh Generation Fund, provides direct grant support to stressed Indigenous communities on the frontlines of the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Native American Advised Fund Hosted by the Santa Fe Community Foundation, the Native American Advised Fund will provide emergency grants to tribal communities and organizations to bring food, water, and other emergency supplies to some of the hardest-hit families and communities impacted by COVID-19 across the Navajo, Apache, and Pueblos of New Mexico and beyond.

Native American Community Response Fund, organized by Native Americans in Philanthropy, Decolonizing Wealth and National Urban Indian Family Coalition, will provide emergency support for the most vulnerable Native American families and communities impacted by COVID-19.

Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund In response to the escalating health crisis facing Diné (Navajo) and Hopi communities in Northern Arizona, Southern Utah, and New Mexico, the Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund has mobilized volunteer emergency food and water distribution throughout the region.

Navajo Nation COVID-19 Relief Fund The Navajo Nation COVID-19 Fund, established to help the Navajo Nation respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, is accepting monetary and non-monetary donations to address immediate medical and community needs.

Navajo Relief Fund The Navajo Relief Fund helps build “strong, self-sufficient Native American communities” by delivering food, water, toilet paper and other basics to remote Native American communities.

NB3 Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund, will fund access to nutritional food and clean water, access to education opportunities and youth development.

National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) COVID-19 Response Fund NCAI’s staff and partners are working around the clock to ensure that tribal governments and communities have the support they need to survive this rapidly expanding crisis by delivering funding resources directly to tribal nations in need.

NDN Collective They are launching an emergency relief fund this Wednesday with a goal of $10M. It will include grants and support to Native nonprofits, artists, tribes and loans to Native American businesses impacted.

New Mexico Community Foundation The New Mexico Foundation, in collaboration with the Santa Fe Community Foundation, Thornburg Foundation, Navajo-Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund, have launched The Native American Relief Fund to help get resources to the communities most in need.

Ramah Navajo Chapter Covid-19 medical/food/essential supplies.

United Natives’ Dr. Tom’s Cause for Navajo Nation to Fight COVID-19 Dr. Michelle Tom, a Navajo family medicine physician working on the front lines of the Navajo Nation, is accepting both medical and non-medical supplies, as well as monetary donations to support medical staff and community members.

Water World Day 2020 100% of all donations will fund the Navajo Water Project, a program that brings clean, running water to hundreds of Navajo families.

We Are Navajo We Are Navajo purchases, assembles, and delivers care packages for Navajo Nation as well as 550+ Native American tribes.

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